‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Amanda continues to terrorize Elissa

The latest -After Sunday night’s “Big Brother 15” episode, the madness continued when it comes to a feud that has turned ugly and at times disturbing between Amanda and Elissa. It started when Elissa basically laughed in her face and would not conform to what she wanted, and has led to her trying to bully and terrorize Elissa.

In the time since we last wrote, some of Amanda’s “highlights” have included putting condoms all over the house in various inappropriate places, shouting at her, and ultimately harassing her to a level that Elissa was hiding in her Head of Household room. Amanda claims that she is doing this “for America,” but she is really just doing this for herself and to mock her for not being able to get rid of her and McCrae this week.

The feelings that we have over Amanda utilizing this strategy is somewhat mixed. Is she acting like a horrible human being? Definitely, but what is interesting here is how, in this age of hyper-sensitivity, we tend to forget about all of the other horrible tactics used by houseguests over the years. If we take away the racism (a very horrible but separate issue to what is specifically going on here), Amanda is not the first or even the third player ever to utilize a bullying / antagonizing strategy in order to get what she wants. Just ask Evel Dick, Russell from season 11, Willie Hantz briefly … and these are just from more recent seasons. So while she is being horrible, this is not new strategy here.

Elissa emerged from her HoH solitude briefly to allow Andy in, where she blasted the show for tolerating this. Unfortunately for Elissa, she doesn’t realize that the show has tolerated this before, and probably will continue to be until a certain line is reached. The best thing that she can really do is stay positive, and then try to get Amanda out a little bit later.

If you want to check out some other highlights from the “Big Brother” live feeds, including the entire origins of the Elissa / Amanda drama, just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: CBS

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