‘Breaking Bad’ season 5, episode 11 review: Will Jesse get sent to Belize?

Is Jesse in trouble? -Last week on “Breaking Bad” season 5 we saw Hank waiting like a vulture to swoop in and shake some information out of Jesse about Walt, but is he going to break down and confess?

Hank tells Jesse that he knows all about Walt and tries to pump him for information , but he refuses to say anything and Saul comes to the rescue to get him out of custody. Jesse meets up with Walt and he suggests that Jesse get a new identity and move away with a nice clean slate, but is this what’s best for Jesse or what’s best for Walt? Jesse calls him out on trying to get him out of town for his own gain, but in the end he decides to make a fresh start.

Saul sets up for Jesse to meet up with his contact that will help him disappear, giving him a phone and some cash, but when Jesse is waiting for the contact to pick him up, he pulls out his cigarettes and a memory is triggered that stops him from skipping town. He goes back to Saul’s office and confronts him about taking the ricin off of him and also for the situation with Brock and he admits to everything. Saul calls Walt and tells him about their problem and Walt gets his gun… will he be sending Jesse to Belize? If Jesse is going to be put six feet under it won’t be before Jesse pours gasoline all over Walt and Skyler’s home with the intent of burning it to the ground.

When Marie try to get Walter Jr. to come over to their house, Walt side tracks him by telling him about his cancer and it totally works as he decides to skip going to Hank and Marie’s place to stay with his dad. Later, Walt asks Skyler to video tape his “confession”, but it’s not exactly what we think.

Walt and Skyler sit down with Marie and Hank to talk about attempts to lure Walter Jr. to their house, telling them to stop trying to take their children from them. Marie pleads to Skyler to let them take the kids to their place for safety and Walt plays the cancer card again. Marie tells Walt that he should just kill himself and end this whole thing, but Hank says he’s not getting off that easy and that if Skyler keeps standing by him she will go down with him. He gets up from the table and leaves him the “confession.”

When Hank and Marie go home to watch the DVD, Walt says that Hank was the mastermind behind the whole drug empire and that he was forced to be Hank’s cook and because he was weak and needed money for the medical bills. The confession basically spells out that Hank was in charge and that Walt was a victim of Hank’s plan. He also says that Skyler is innocent and that he lives in fear that Hank will kill him or his family if he doesn’t co-operate.

While watching the video Hank finds out that Marie had been taking “gambling” money from Walt to pay for his medical bills and he realizes that Walt actually has him in a bad spot.

Do you think that Walt is going to kill Jesse? Will Walt’s frame job of Hank land him in jail? If you want more “Breaking Bad” season 5 news be sure to click here for all the latest scoop.

Photo: AMC

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