‘Big Brother 15’ review: Amanda can’t control new HOH, jury member returns

The latest -CBS were cruel mistresses last Thursday when they decided not to reveal who won the HOH and which jury member was coming back into the house on “Big Brother 15”, but it’s time to find out who is re-entering the game and who is ruling the house. So who is in power and who has a second shot at the half million? Let’s take a look…

HOH/jury member competition: Amanda and McCrae are shaking in their boots that a juror is coming back and Aaryn is completely terrified since she is bathing in blood at this point with 4 HOH wins. Everyone seemed fairly equal at catching the balls in the beginning of the competition, even Amanda had two (not including McCrae’s of course). Helen is giving the other jurors as much information as she can about the house and is quick to throw Andy under the bus. When Jessie falls off she swears at Amanda, telling her off and we cheered a little bit inside (we miss you Jessie). In the end Judd was the jury member that came back in the game and Elissa was a total badass again this week and snagged the HOH. She had a few crazy almost wipe outs where she almost fell right off the platform, but pulled herself back up; she completely deserved this win.

Judd and Elissa mend fences: When Judd was evicted he refused Elissa’s hug, but they both realize that they have no one in the house they can trust but each other. Elissa offers him a final two deal and he’s confident that together they can’t split up some of the power duos.

Amanda/McCrae spin out of control: Aaryn is the target for Elissa, but she is thinking of putting McCrae up so he can play for the veto and makes sure that Aaryn can’t win. Amanda is frustrated that for the first week since she’s come into the “Big Brother” house she can’t control the HOH and knows that her man is likely going up on the block. They go to Elissa and try to sway her vote saying that she’s part of their team, but everything they say is falling on deaf ears because after Aaryn, McCranda is her target. When Amanda starts crying about being separated from each other saying that she’s scared of that, Elissa says that it’s good that they are scared so they can feel what she felt when McCrae put her up.

Nominations: Aaryn knows she’s the target so she offers Elissa the world if she can stay in the house because she wants to be there so bad. Elissa calls her out on playing Amanda’s game, and not her own game and it’s pretty obvious what’s going to happen. Elissa decides to put up Aaryn and McCrae, not a bad move, but still a bit of a dangerous one if Amanda gets to play in the veto, wins and takes McCrae off the block, because then there’s two votes to keep Aaryn in depending on who the replacement nominee is. At this point McCranda has almost half the votes in the house, and they are dangerous.

Were you surprised that Elissa nominated McCrae and Aaryn and do you think it was the right choice? If you are looking for more “Big Brother 15” news, be sure to check out our live feed coverage here.

Photo: CBS

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