‘Under the Dome’ episode 10 preview: Natalie Zea’s Maxine and ‘entertainment’

What's next? -Whenever you hear the words “adult” and “entertainment” used next to each other, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not something that we can publish on this site. However, Maxine from “Under the Dome” uses them in the sneak peek video below from tomorrow night’s new episode, but to describe something that is a little bit different than what you will expect.

In theory, this idea from Natalie Zea’s character to provide some sort of amusement to the inhabitants of Chester’s Mill seems smart. After all, just look at some of what they have gone through over the past several days! It’s really crazy to think that it has only been a week in the show’s timespan since the dome first arrived, given how much longer it feels to us as viewers. But going even this short amount of time without an outlet can be frustrating, and Maxine is well aware with that based on her conversation with Barbie.

Unfortunately, what this sneak peek fails to show off is that her idea of “entertainment” is not exactly something that we find entertaining at all. If we base the possible answer here off of something that we saw in the episode 10 promo, then we would guess that she is really just out for producing the show’s version of “Fight Club.” This is not the first time we’ve seen this gladiator style fighting on a show as “The Walking Dead” had something similar set up by The Governor for the people of Woodbury.

By the time this episode wraps up, hopefully we will learn more about Maxine’s intentions and what the endgame could be for some of these characters. Given that there are only three episodes left after this one, we expect this to be what carries us to the finish line.

Photo: CBS

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