‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: Title for Cory Monteith tribute episode will be…

Take a look -As we have said over the past few days, it is not exactly going to be easy coming by details all about the upcoming “Glee” season 5 tribute episode to Cory Monteith’s character of Finn Hudson. Part of that is going to be due to the show keeping everything under wraps until the show actually airs this episode on Thursday, October 10, but there is also going to be a part of this that has to do with sites trying to be respectful and not pry for details in what is going to be a sensitive story.

We’re not going to be sharing much about this episode unless it is shared first by some entity affiliated with production, and this happens to be where we received the following piece of news: The title for this key episode, and chunk of the show’s history, is going to be “The Quarterback.” That is a sad name that already gets the tears flowing, but it is so appropriate in so many ways.

From a literal point of view, it’s easy to make the argument that “The Quarterback” makes sense, given that Finn was the quarterback of his high school football team, and they ended up winning the championship thanks to some of his efforts, but Mike O’Malley and others have referred to him as the heart and soul of the show behind the scenes, almost the quarterback who rallied the other actors together and helped them to be their best. This title gives us hope that even though Finn Hudson will no longer be among the living, his legacy is going to live on and become an important part of the series for the rest of its run.

Lea Michele recently shared the first photo from this episode, which went into production at the end of this past week.

Photo: Fox

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