‘Arrow’ season 2: Stephen Amell on ’50 Shades of Grey’ talk; what about ‘Justice League’?

New casting -For those of you who have a list of TV stars who you want to see play Christian Grey in an upcoming “50 Shades of Grey” movie, you can probably write off Stephen Amell’s name. The “Arrow” star had been in the past been one of many people (and not the only person from The CW) to be possibly linked to the project, but speaking today in a Fan Expo panel in Toronto (which we were in attendance for), he made it clear that this was probably not something he would be interested in.

Amell did say that the topic of conversation had come up as a part of a larger talk about other projects with some key people in power, but for him there just does not seem to be an interest in the actual Christian Grey character. (He went on to joke that he would love to be the guy who beats the snot out of Christian Grey, if such a role existed.)

As for another pressing movie topic following the news that Ben Affleck is starring as Batman an upcoming movie along with Superman, Amell (who it should be noted, was extremely kind and generous to his fans) said that he is certainly interested in doing a potential “Justice League” movie in case he is ever called upon to play the character. That is probably still years down the road, but why not think about it now? He compared “Arrow” season 2 to “getting handed the car keys” by DC Comics after a year of testing things out, and there is going to be 23 episodes this coming year rooted more in stories that come from this world. Barry Allen (otherwise known as the Flash) is one of these characters, and Amell said that production had to get the okay from people as high up as Christopher Nolan in order to bring the character to the show.

To continue the car analogy, Amell also teased that the show’s second is season is not going to “step off the gas,” and will feel at times in scale like the finale that you saw in May.

We are going to have some more scoop from the “Arrow” panel a little later in the week, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, click here if you want to check out some videos from this season. We will also have more of our Fan Expo coverage over the coming days here, so stay tuned.

Photo: The CW

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