‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Elissa gets under Amanda’s skin; the Aaryn – Andy debate

The latest -The fantastic weekend of “Big Brother 15” live feeds continues now with what we think is going to be an interesting series of events the next few days: Finding out whether or not Amanda really does have complete and total control over McCrae.

While they have been at impasses before, this is a big one. Amanda is much more interested in getting rid of Andy (who will likely be nominated by Elissa on Monday) rather than Aaryn, which is probably due to her belief that she can completely control Aaryn more. However, McCrae doesn’t trust her and wants her gone, and seems to have the support of Spencer in that regard. These two will likely be the deciding factor in who goes home since most of the other players in the game will simply fall in line.

Ultimately, it feels obvious at this point that the plans to get Elissa to put GM on the block are not working, and Elissa has also tried to create this bizarre scheme with Judd to make it seem like she threw the challenge on purpose so that Amanda could win, making her feel still like she cannot win anything unless people are gift-wrapping it to her. This has actually worked somewhat, but it still seems like a rather pointless thing to do to stir up drama.

We are really interested to see tomorrow’s show now, mostly to get a sense as to just what everyone is actually feeling about things at the moment. There has been so much double-speak that it’s hard to know where anyone actually lies, and who they are supporting in the end. What we can say for sure are as follows:

1. Judd and Elissa are definitely a team right now.

2. GinaMarie knows that she’s getting thrown under the bus.

3. Andy is acting extremely pathetic at strategy, and it’s not endearing at all.

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Photo: CBS

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