‘Breaking Bad’ season 5, episode 11 preview: ‘Confessions,’ and Walt and Skyler’s outing

The latest -Clearly, Walter White has no qualms whatsoever with being out in the open right now, even as Hank builds a case against him in a way that may or may not involve his one-time partner-in-crime Jesse Pinkman. The photo to the left is from tonight’s new “Breaking Bad” episode “Confessions,” and it features Bryan Cranston’s character and wife Skyler waiting nervously to meet their other dinner guests.

Since we do not have a sneak peek video to analyze right now, let’s just settle for taking a deeper look at what some of the parts of this photo mean.

1. There is clearly at least one other menu setting, but the napkin is still on it. That means that either they were seated at a table for four randomly, or they are waiting for some other guests to arrive.

2. We’re going back and forth about whether the bottle is mustard or honey, which we have seen before at Mexican restaurants that serve sopapillas as one of their primary selling points. It’s probably mustard, but why have that and not ketchup? (Yes, we did just have that argument.)

3. In a show that is so much about color, both parties are dressed clothing that is pretty drab, consisting entirely of grays and whites. The fact that they are in a colorful establishment makes it stand out even more.

4. Given that there are people all around, it is not going to be easy for this conversation to be about difficult and/or dangerous topics…. or can it?

What is your take on the photo? If you want to take a look at the recent comments Anna Gunn made regarding her role on the show and viewer reaction, click here; it’s definitely a story worth looking at and debating.

Photo: AMC

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