‘The Newsroom’ season 2, episode 7 preview: Another awesome Thomas Sadoski monologue

Moving on -Back during the first season of “The Newsroom,” we frequently found ourselves being rather sad over the way that Thomas Sadoski’s character of Don was being treated by the public. His character was a little bit more of a heel, but he seemed to be a victim more of being on the wrong side of a love triangle, and being almost lost occupationally at times in the midst of a reforming “News Night.”

But this season, he’s completely awesome and probably our favorite character on the entire show, and the reasons go from the great performance by Sadoski to the writing, which has him made out to be a flawed, but fiercely smart / loyal producer with a big heart that lies somewhere underneath the occasional cynicism.

In the video below from Sunday night’s new episode, Don fires back at litigator Rebecca Halliday over whether or not his belief in Maggie Jordan as a credible witness in the Operation Genoa fiasco is sensible at all. She is a woman who has gone through terrible things in between a breakup, a lost friendship, and most importantly seeing a young child die because of her own doing in Africa. He not only stands up for her, but goes into a speech all about the reasons why, and is somehow able to connect the upcoming elections to the very reasons why he will stand by her and her testimony until the end. Epic, to say the least.

If Rebecca wants to keep Maggie from speaking out or being treated as credible, she is going to have to find a different way to go about it.

What do you think about this video, and are you in agreement with us over Sadoski becoming one of the most-consistent “Newsroom” players? When it comes to unlikable people on the show, just take a look at the video here for the latest example of Jerry being awful.

Photo: HBO

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