‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Updates on Zingbot, Andy, and Amanda pushing GinaMarie

The latest -Let’s get the most important “Big Brother 15” news (at least from a comedy perspective) out of the way first: The Zingbot did return to the house today, and apparently did not die of a heatstroke during the competition. Sadly, we don’t know most of the zings yet, except that Andy was called a “floater” and he was really ticked off about it.

The truth here, though, is that Andy is a classic floater, at least the old definition of it before Rachel arrived and the word started to be used negatively. He’s a player who floats under the radar, doesn’t make big moves, and just lets other people pin the targets on themselves. There’s really nothing wrong with the strategy; to a point, it’s pretty smart.

Andy really now has much bigger things to worry about. We’re glad to see that our ESP to Elissa has paid off, since she is planning to nominate him as the replacement. This is her smartest game move, since he is working with McCranda, and it ensures that someone in the 3am Alliance goes home this week. Based on McCrae and Spencer’s behavior, it seems like the person leaving the house would be Aaryn, but there is a lot of time left and crazy things happen within this game.

Amanda, meanwhile, is relishing her Veto win and trying to come up with a plan to get GinaMarie on the block by threatening to vote out Andy if he goes up, and having everyone else ultimately do the same. Andy’s dishing out plenty of tears (which Elissa is accusing him of doing on purpose), and she doesn’t seem to be buying into any of it yet. Plus, GM is already well aware of what is going on, which could lead to an awesome fight with Amanda later for live feed viewers.

Ultimately, it still feels like Elissa could get what she wants out of this week with Aaryn leaving, but she better hope for either a GM or Judd win next week for Head of Household. Otherwise, she’s in danger of going out the door after Aaryn.

Let’s close by saying that this has been a great two days in the house. This changing of power is what the game has been missing all season long.

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Photo: CBS

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