‘Boardwalk Empire’ season 4: HBO takes you all around the country in new promos

Check it out -In just two short weeks from tomorrow, “Boardwalk Empire” will return to HBO with its fourth season, and in their latest promotional campaign, the network is going city-by-city to paint the entire picture of what Steve Buscemi and the rest of the characters on the drama series will be going through.

We’re going to go through these city-by-city, since each one of them really has something unique to offer.

Chicago – This clip focuses on the relationship between the Capone brothers in the Windy City, and is a nice example of the show trying to balance out real history and fiction. That’s something that probably peeves off a few people, but it’s meant to be entertainment more so than a history lesson. Deal with it.

Harlem – Jeffrey Wright is already proving himself to be a perfect cast, and this preview is dark, gritty (unsurprising), and focuses on some of the violence is happening in this famed part of New York City with Valentin.

New York – This is where many power players lie, as well as some of Nucky Thompson’s greatest competition. To us, the most interesting line in here involves wealth surpassing that of the President; while this may not be a huge deal today (given that many millionaires make far more than Barack Obama), it was more significant back then.

Atlantic City – This is where everything ultimately comes together at the end of the day. What makes “Boardwalk Empire” this season particular engaging is that we are seeing Nucky Thompson take his game to the next level. That alone is a testament to his power, but it also could be some more evidence of just how many forces could be coming at him and destroying him.

Just in case none of this is enough to satisfy you, just be sure to click here to see another trailer that focuses on many of these cities at once.

Photo: HBO

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