‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Power of Veto Competition results … and trouble for Elissa

Moving on -All weekend long, we have been saying one thing about the Power of Veto Competition on “Big Brother 15”: The last thing that Elissa wanted to see happen was Amanda winning the necklace. This was our concern about her putting Aaryn and McCrae on the block together; she would have been smarter to put the showmance on the block together, that way it would guarantee that one of them would stay there and she would have to backdoor Aaryn.

But, Elissa made her own move, and she now has to pay for it. Amanda has finally won her first competition of the entire season, and will almost certainly remove McCrae. This puts Elissa in a very, very difficult situation. Both McCranda could vote to keep Aaryn if they want to keep the 3am Alliance intact, which means that Elissa would basically have to trust everyone else to vote the way she wants if she is hoping to get the show’s most-notorious racist out this week.

Let’s just say that it took Andy all of just a few short minutes to go up to the Head of Household room and snoop around Elissa. If she wants any chance of getting out Aaryn this week, she has to nominate him as the replacement. This could cause McCranda to vote to keep him, and send her home.

She’s already said that she will not nominate either Judd or GinaMarie, and it puts her in a situation where her only other choices really are Andy and Spencer. Spencer would be an easy boot for the house at this point, given that he doesn’t have allegiances to really anyone.

We’ll have more details of the Veto soon; but as much as we have been rooting for Elissa the past few days, her nominations are evidence pure and simple of making a move based on a personal decision to plant Aaryn’s butt on the block, and not thinking in terms of the long-term game.

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Photo: CBS

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