‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4 summer finale spoilers: More bad news for Ashley

The latest -Just when it was starting to look as though Ashley was going to get an opportunity to clear her name on “Pretty Little Liars,” the show may have found yet another way to kick her back down, and possibly turn the character into a spin-off for “Orange is the New Black.”

Last week, a man appeared named Travis, who could have been the savior to keep Hanna’s mother out of prison. Why? He was a witness who could vouch for the fact that Detective Wilden was not killed by Ashley, as he saw her leaving before the shots were fired. He was hesitant to come forward and risk putting his family in jeopardy, but he eventually decided to do so.

Unfortunately, all of this could be for naught, because Travis is not sure that he can identify the right woman fleeing from the scene in a police line. Is he trying to balk on his promises to help? It may just be thanks to confusion as the police are not exactly making it easy to identify the right woman here; the others in the lineup all look at least remotely similar to Ashley, and if he was at a distance, he may not be able to point out definitively who he saw.

The one problem with this theory is that he’s probably seen plenty of footage of Ashley on the news prior to even getting to the prison, so he should be able to point her out in a lineup … or at least we hope.

Regardless of what happens here, expect a dramatic hour. The promo here more or less promises it in between Ravenswood and some more terrible things taking place.

Photo:  ABC Family

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