‘America’s Next Top Model: Guys & Girls’ review: Why you don’t do anything crazy in casting

The latest -The challenge – We start this “America’s Next Top Model” episode with … a runway show! Go figure. This was yet another opportunity for the show to teach us what we already knew, with a circular, moving runway in the process: Jourdan is great on the runway (and she won), whereas Mike is awful and was the worst of the bunch. There really wasn’t anything particularly notable about the event (no real wipeouts), save for maybe that Nylon’s editor-in-chief is clearly not a TV star for a reason. The guy as stale as the old box of Triscuits in our cupboard.

The photo shoot results – This was a tad more interesting, since it basically threw us headfirst into the kooky world of trailer parks, complete with accessories and a knock-off (go figure) of Honey Boo Boo.

The contestants were divided up here in teams based on the past challenge results.

Phil & Nina – A great photo. Despite Nina’s constant qualms about suffering from an ankle injury (the result of going a little crazy in casting showing off her quirky hoop talent), these two really worked it out. Phil may look like Jesus now, but he’s still goofy Phil.

Jiana & Marvin – We get it Marvin: You want to date everything that moves. It was a good photo, but the guy is all over the place. It’s hard to really focus on Jiana when he acts like that.

Cory & Renee – Boy, didn’t Rob Evans stick his foot in his mouth with the Cory critique here? It was a great move of improvement for the guy when it came to giving off a look that was very different than what he traditionally does. Unfortunately, Renee just blended in.

Alexandra & Mike – Mike was … interesting. The guy is the weakest runway walker, and he needed a great rather than “meh” photo to get himself further. Alexandra, meanwhile, simply just did the best with what she could.

Jourdan & Chris – So let’s get it out of the way: Jourdan is an amazing model, and someone who is probably going to make it very deep in the competition. Why do we have to hear about her ex so much? Chris is a bit of an interesting guy with his own baggage, but his poses are getting better and better.

Kanani & Jeremy & Don – This final photo was a collection of people not picked, and it was mostly good … save for Jeremy. Despite looking like Nick Jonas, the guy was a little too eager to show off his body this week. None of it worked, and it really just felt icky.

So to see Mike go home was hardly a surprise. He has not exactly hit a home run in anything save for one photo shoot, and the fans hated what he did this week. He’s got a tough road ahead as an older model who really knows nothing about this industry, and we doubt he will get another chance. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to watch over the next several weeks.

Who do you think was the best this week? If you want to see what happens to the eliminated contestants, click here; we’ll have more news soon.

Photo: The CW

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