‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Nomination preparation; McCrae under the bus

The latest -Today is probably the worst day that McCrae Olson has experienced in the “Big Brother 15” house. Not only is he going to be going on the block soon courtesy of the Nomination Ceremony, but he’s also getting his game blown up even more courtesy of the new Head of Household.

We ultimately have to say right now that as much as we’ve complained about this season being awful, we’re totally digging the Judd and Elissa show. This is probably an alliance we never saw coming at the start of the season, but it works on a pure functional level. Even though we don’t know if they would ever hang out in real life, Elissa basically told him just minutes ago that she wants to go to the final two with him.

They also at the moment have a similar hit list based on the people who have wronged them: Aaryn first, and then followed by Amanda and McCrae. She has done a good job of convincing him how much McCrae has changed for the worse since the start of the season, and has become almost as bad of a liar as Amanda, and as difficult to be around. Even if Aaryn stays on the block, it’s still possible that he leaves if GinaMarie decides to vote against Elissa’s wishes and is joined by Andy and Spencer (though this is unlikely).

In related news, Aaryn has already threatened to not vote for anyone in her alliance if they vote her out, saying that she has protected them constantly with her Head of Household wins … which is true, but if you go back and look at it, most of the competitions she won since the alliance was formed were ones that someone like McCrae, Amanda, or Andy had a shot at winning. The only exception is the roulette wheel. So Aaryn, go cry yourself a river. If you go home, we can’t wait for the cringe-worthy Julie Chen interview.

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Photo: CBS

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