‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Aaryn grovels to Elissa, and it’s hilarious

The latest -The “Big Brother 15” house is already brimming with activity this week, and we have to say that so far, it is turning out to be one of the most ridiculously-entertaining days in some time. Having Elissa win Head of Household was one of the best thing that could have happened to this game, mostly because of how it is forcing people who have long been in Power to have to grovel a little bit.

Before we do anything else, we may as well start things off with the obvious. McCrae and Aaryn are going to be the two nominations, and we imagine that much after that is going to depend on the Veto. We imagine this being a situation where she would be okay getting rid of either one of them or getting rid of Amanda if the situation came to it. She has held court with a few people today in the HoH room, and here are some assorted highlights.

Judd – Elissa knows that Amanda is the reason for his eviction, and the two have mended fences and could even be a formidable alliance in the future. They have talked about getting rid of Aaryn this week, and then joining up with Spencer and GinaMarie to pick off the other three outsiders. While we don’t fully think that evicting Aaryn is a better move than taking out one of McCranda, we get that Elissa simply does not like her and Amanda wins nothing.

GinaMarie – Elissa wants her to throw the Veto, and then vote to get Aaryn out of the game. We don’t know for sure if she is going to do that, but she has to realize that she may have a better long-term chance at staying with these two people than staying with Aaryn and getting evicted, anyway.

Aaryn – This one was hysterical. Aaryn groveled and semi-cried, stating that Elissa was “Big Brother blood” and deserved to be there. Elissa had none of it, and accused her of playing Amanda’s game while strongly insinuating that she’s a target. She also said that the reason Amanda is not going up is because she knows she can beat her any day in a competition, and she can’t with Aaryn.

So it seems like for now that Elissa really wants Aaryn out, but this could change quickly given that she has talked about getting rid of one of the showmance members.

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Photo: CBS

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