‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Judd’s truth, and Amanda and McCrae’s tears

The latest -Amanda and McCrae have done a pretty solid job of lasting in the “Big Brother 15” house for as long as they have; when you are looking at a showmance, that is a pretty rare feat considering this is the longest season of the show ever.

But ultimately, we feel pretty confident that when the dust settles, one of them will be gone this week. Elissa, as the new Head of Household, confirmed to McCrae last night that he will be going up on the block for the first time this entire season. There is a little bit of a vendetta here since he nominated her the first week, but more than that her argument is that she needs someone strong to win Veto and get Aaryn out. McCrae will probably go over Aaryn, who would have support from GinaMarie for sure, and also likely both Andy and Judd (who admitted to Spencer last night that Amanda, not Helen, is the reason that he left the game).

But does she really want that? This is the question of the day. The more likely scenario that we’re sensing here is that she wants to get Amanda out, and is preparing for a situation to do so. The only bad move for her is that if Amanda plays in the Veto and takes McCrae off, then she has screwed herself into getting rid of Aaryn, and will have to put up someone else like Andy if she wants to ensure that she ends up leaving the game. Not a great situation for her to be in this week.

Amanda and McCrae are teary over it, especially following her repeated attempts to get GinaMarie or someone else up on the block instead. They can’t even whine about the returning player hurting them, since Elissa would have won regardless, and they would be in just as much danger.

For now, Judd is putting his trust in Elissa, and we like to think that a final two featuring them would redeem at least some of this season … mostly thanks to Elissa’s competition wins this past week undoing some previous critique of her game.

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