‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers; Updates on Helen’s ‘push,’ Judd, Elissa, and Amanda

The latest -Of course, we start off this “Big Brother 15” update with a warning now: If you want to avoid spoilers from the competition that aired on Thursday night, stop reading now!

Elissa was the winner of the Head of Household Competition for the first time all season, and Judd is the returning player. While he may not have had a chance to stay if someone like Amanda won, Elissa makes things interesting for Party Daughtery. She is not someone who has any allies, and she also hates everyone else in the house that is not him. If we were him, we would make a deal with her … and fast.

Ultimately, it is still hard to figure out where Elissa’s head is at tonight. There have been plenty of pushing throughout the night, and also random small-talk. In a small conversation with Amanda, she did at least suggest that Aaryn was her primary target, but that she is going to probably put up either her or McCrae as the other nominee. Amanda’s worried about him going home, but we think that Aaryn and him are probably the most-likely nominees. If she really wants Aaryn out, she would want someone who could win the Veto against her. Plus, he’s never been nominated before.

Judd has acted as though most of Jessie’s anger is towards Elissa and Helen despite her cursing out Amanda during the HoH Competition, and we wonder how much information that he is keeping to himself for the time being. He’s saying that there was not much information shared, and most people are being pretty nice to him. However, he will probably be much more cautious from here on out.

Finally, we want to mention something that was nuts on Twitter tonight: Rumors that Helen was “pushed” off during the competition thanks to a GIF that showed some hand behind her of production. Production’s not going to do that; it’s stupid. If there was already rigging going on, Aaryn would be gone from the game already.

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