‘Doctor Who’ season 8 spoilers: More on Peter Capaldi via Steven Moffat

The latest -Even though the actual start of “Doctor Who” season 8 featuring Peter Capaldi in the lead role is still many, many months away, we have an opportunity now to hear at least a few more details now about what the man is going to be bringing to the show as the official 12th Doctor.

Speaking to multiple outlets over the past several weeks, including most recently at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (look it up if you haven’t heard of it; it’s quite an event), executive producer Steven Moffat said that he believes Capaldi will likely use his original Scottish accent when playing the part, rather than shifting to a dialect that is slightly more English. We prefer this, in part because he is going to have so many appearances over the years, we’d almost feel bad for him to not only get into character every time, but use a different accent to boot.

Meanwhile, there is also a quote floating out there that Moffat plans to address soon that The Doctor can only have 12 regenerations, at least in that he acknowledged that there was a convention out there saying as such. When you consider the John Hurt Doctor, this puts the number at an end. But, given that Capaldi almost surely will not be the last man to take on this role pending some sudden and heartbreaking drop in popularity, we are sure that there will be a way devised to get around that.

For at least the next several months, the focus will remain on Matt Smith as he takes the reigns to film the Christmas special, which doubles as his fond farewell. The 50th anniversary special, which features both him and David Tennant (who has shared plenty of kind comments about Smith), will air worldwide on November 23.

Photo: BBC One

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