‘Downton Abbey’ season 4: Sophie McShera talks Joanne Froggatt on set

Take a look -Typically when you think of “Downton Abbey,” you imagine something that is pretty formal. The show is a very serious one at times, especially when it comes to moments that are tragic (such as character deaths).

So when you are dealing with a show that is so serious, don’t you appreciate the lovely moments of levity that take place? We sure do, which is why we appreciate little stories like these all the more. Speaking in a new interview with Heatworld, we have some humor here courtesy of Sophie McShera (Daisy), who explained that when it comes to messing up takes on set, Joanne Froggatt is one of the worst offenders:

“We think Joanne Froggatt (Anna Bates) has got problems with authority. She’s ruined so many takes by forgetting to stand up for Mr Carson.”

If there is any story right now that is under a veil of secrecy right now, it is Daisy. The character was involved in some romantic entanglements at the end of season 3, but who knows where the story goes now? In some ways, the same thing could go for Froggatt’s Anna. The last we saw of her character, she and Bates were starting to build the life together, but the question that comes in here is if the two are really going to be out of the woods yet after everything that Bates went through with the law through much of this season.

Even though there is not much in the way of story out there about the upcoming “Downton Abbey” season so far, what we can say is that there is not going to be another Dan Stevens situation on our hands. Everyone will survive! Let’s all celebrate that.

Photo: ITV

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