‘Modern Dads’ premiere review: Does A&E have a hit with their bizarre new show?

A&E -We definitely understand why A&E wants to capitalize on their “Duck Dynasty” lead-in with another reality show; we just don’t know why it didn’t happen sooner. “Modern Dads” almost feels like what happens when executives get in a room, decide that they want to make a silly version of “The Real Housewives” with guys, and a tone that felt somewhat like “Modern Family.”

Since all of the shows that we just mentioned are hits, why won’t this one work? The simple answer to that is that they really do not feel like the heroes that you probably want them to. Instead, these stay-at-home dads feel more like cheeseballs, at times emasculated and talking about how their wives pull in big money. If the genders were switched here, we’re sure that the public would complain about it. It does not necessarily make it right to switch traditional gender roles, and then suddenly expect everything to be fine.

The guys, who are all at different stages of fatherhood, do at least come across as nice, and Austin is a nice setting that is not overplayed yet on TV. But there’s just nothing really on this show that makes it altogether attractive, funny, or worth watching beyond a couple of weeks. The humor in “Duck Dynasty” is that they are drawn together by their work, and the stories about family mold into that, but with this show it’s like children are the only story. Unless you’re a parent, there’s nothing to really enjoy here; the show is just too one-dimensional, and not nearly as funny as its predecessor.

With all of this being said, “Modern Dads” is sure to stick around for a time thanks to having such a monster lead-in, but we don’t quite understand why A&E didn’t stay closer to the “Duck Dynasty” mold and find another family out there similar to them, rather than a show that feels very different and much more disjointed.

Of course, if you disagree with us, we want to hear your thoughts below!

Photo: A&E

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