‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: GinaMarie admits to using n-word; Elissa hates everyone

The latest -There is a pretty interesting dynamic going on this afternoon in the “Big Brother” house, namely that Elissa Slater is having another bout of craziness brought on by one simple fact: She hates everyone, or at least the majority of the people that she actually needs to work with if she wants to stay in the game a while longer.

To be fair, we understand why Elissa hates most of these people on a personal level. Spencer, Aaryn, and GinaMarie are pretty terrible people who don’t really want to work with her in the first place. (We’re not excusing Amanda here, but she is at least interested in maybe keeping Elissa if the chips fall in the right place for now.) Aaryn said some truly horrible things this afternoon, including that her husband is probably off cheating on her right now while she is in the game.

Yet, all of this pales in comparison to a pretty ugly conversation that literally no one wanted a part of other than GinaMarie, who admitted to using the n-word during a conversation about (strangely) how often the word was used in the original version of “The Longest Yard.” There are a couple of pretty sick things in here worth mentioning:

1. GinaMarie’s tone in this conversation almost made it sound like she was upset that the word cannot be used as often anymore.

2. She actually does drop the n-word on occasion, as she is talking about how the movie constantly uses it and how she “can’t say it.”

But anyway, the whole nature of this conversation was so uncomfortable that after GinaMarie said her piece about the n-word, the HoH room (which is where she was at the time) got silent for a second before switching back to game talk … and this is even with Aaryn and Spencer in the room.

Do you think that there is any real shot that Elissa has at sticking around in the game? If you haven’t seen our other live feed updates, be sure to either click here, or see the other updates that we’ve shared in the attached sidebar!

Photo: CBS

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