‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Andy finally finds himself in trouble

The latest -All season long on “Big Brother 15,” Andy has done a very good job of playing a game that would get him very deep in the season. However, he’s also played a very risky game thanks to his strategy of playing every side of the house. Sooner or later, houseguests are going to talk with one another, and he has to prepare for what the ramifications could be.

But now, the time has come for him to pick a side, and he has apparently chosen the wrong one. The tide has mostly shifted thanks to Helen’s shrewd powers of manipulation, and the 3am Alliance is more like the 2am Alliance at this point. Aaryn feels guilty over nominating Helen, realizing that she was not someone who was coming after her, and she ended up getting caught in the moment and doing someone else’s dirty work for them.

Unfortunately for her, there’s nothing she can do about it for now other than sit around and watch Helen cry. Andy is the swing vote, with McCranda both surely casting their vote to get her out of the game over Spencer, who is seemingly somewhat more on the McCranda side. If those four stick together in the future, they still have a majority over the other three, though there is still a returning player to think about here. With Aaryn still unable to be in power next week, they could have a shot.

If for whatever reason someone like Elissa or GinaMarie wins HoH next week, Andy could be in trouble now that Elissa has figured out exactly what he is doing and feels betrayed by him. While McCranda would be the likely target, he would still likely have to spend a week sitting pretty on the block as punishment for what he has done in the game … which really doesn’t deserve punishment at all. It’s a game! You people are worried too much about “honesty” in a game built on lies.

In other news, Amanda has also spent part of the day carrying on that Elissa receives unfair treatment for getting a comforter in the Have-Not room; if Amanda keeps crying herself a river, she will drown in it soon enough.

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Photo: CBS

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