‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Amanda and McCrae’s new focus

The latest -If there is one thing that we have learned about Amanda and McCrae in the “Big Brother 15” house at this point, it is that once Amanda has her mind made up on a target, she will push and push with that person until they finally go home. We saw that happen with the likes of Nick, and then Jeremy, and then Howard, and then Judd, and now Helen. So who is next on her hit list? It’s none other than someone in her own alliance in Aaryn.

In a series of conversations last night, both of these two made it very apparent that they want to split up Aaryn and GinaMarie, especially since the former is exhibiting some shady behavior and is trying to separate Andy from them. Their strategy to try to get her out at this point seems to have many layers.

1. One of them wins Head of Household, which we actually think McCrae would not be that invested in at this point since it would get blood on his hands. However, he also may change his mind once someone returns to the game.

2. Trying to get Spencer or Elissa to do the dirty work for them. Both have suggested that they would like Aaryn out, but this is very much lip service, given that Helen has also pushed Elissa hard to take out McCranda if she wins the next Head of Household. We expect there to be some sort of endurance competition coming soon, and this could be one that she could win.

McCrae tried to make a final two deal (or at least said he wants to go to the end) with Spencer last night, saying that he thinks that Amanda is going to be very threatening to his endgame. We got to give him credit for trying, but Spencer has burned and been burned so many times that he doesn’t believe this for a second.

Sadly, this is really the only breaking news for now. It was a boring night on the feeds, and the houseguests are likely to sleep late thanks to them being up almost past sunrise on the east coast.

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Photo: CBS

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