‘Ink Master’ season 3, episode 6 review: Everyone fails at Asian-style tattoos

What happened this week -Last week on “Ink Master” season 3 we saw Chris go home after a pretty emotional break down showing us just how much he had riding on this competition. There are 10 artists remaining, and with Joshua still stirring the pot and Jime at the end of his rope with Joshua’s games, anything can happen. So let’s get to it and see who was the best and the worst of the week.

The flash challenge: This week the judges are testing “detail”. The contestants were each given a model and an animal to design paint on their body. The artists had 20 minutes to study and sketch their live animal and then transform that animal onto their model’s body. Since Jime won the elimination tattoo last week, he was able to hand out which artists got which animals and because of the volatile relationship he has with Joshua he gladly sandbagged him with the hardest animal… the porcupine. When Jime handed out the skulls to everyone, Joshua refused to take his and Jime left it in the dirt at his feet forcing him to pick it up. Jime is a strong contender and we are hoping that Joshua’s mind games aren’t going to get to him, but we’ve seen this strategy work in past seasons. Kyle got a pretty detailed animal in a lizard, but he easily rocked it out and won the flash challenge, giving him the power for the first time to assign the human canvases at the elimination tattoo.

The elimination tattoo: Detail is still the theme of the day and the artists will be inking Asian-style tattoos, which is Chris Nunez specialty. The contestants are all feeling the pressure, but Jason if feeling pretty confident since he is the only artist in the pack that specializes in this style. Joshua is worried that Kyle is going to give Joshua the hardest tattoo and of course he does. The past few weeks, Joshua has gotten some really difficult tattoos, but because he is able to connect with and pitch variations on the tattoo idea the canvas has, he’s been able to create some really nice pieces and once again he was able to do change the canvas’ mind on what they wanted. Jime got a bit of a shocker when his canvas wasn’t jiving with his new school design and had to redesign the whole thing while everyone else was already tattooing.

The judging: Even though Jason was feeling confident going into the challenge, they judges felt that his dragon’s body was disjointed. From there, the critiques only got worse with everyone feeling the judges wrath.

Elimination: The judges called everyone back to the shop and the artists are afraid that more then once person is going home. As it turns out everyone was called back because there is no best tattoo of the day this week. Joshua, Made Rich and Jackie were in the bottom 3 with Joshua being voted the worst by the jury. In the end Made Rich was sent home and we suspect that it wasn’t only because of his tattoo work, but also because of his negative attitude towards the style of tattoo.

Do you think Made Rich should have been eliminated for his tattoo, or did you think that Joshua’s tattoo was worse? If you are looking for more news and previews for “Ink Master” season 3, head on over here.

Photo: Spike TV

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