‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9 spoilers; Revealing Marshall’s secret

Get ready -How I Met Your Mother” may seem like they’re doing a pretty strange thing when it comes to mapping out 24 episodes over the course of two days (in Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend), but when you really think about everything that there is to tie up for the series, it starts to make more sense. You still have possible parents to meet, the end of the slap bet, Ted meeting the Mother, the other characters meeting the Mother, and some stories from the past that have some more story left in the tank.

But what we are writing about here is an important event that is going to take place in the present: The future of Marshall’s career. The last Lily knew, he was ready to move to Italy, but is that true anymore? Thanks to a little twist in the system known as Marshall getting an offer to become a judge, this plan could be somehow changing yet again.

You knew that this secret was not going to be buried for too long; Lily will learn about this offer before the wedding happens, and the two have to figure out what they want to do and soon. What is slightly more surprising? The way it comes out. According to TV Guide, Marshall is not the person who ends up spilling the beans, which means that Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan’s characters may be smiling for wedding pictures and simultaneously fighting. This isn’t the sort of problem that will end them, but it could cause a major rift as to whose job is the most important … and while living apart for a year could be possible in theory, what about baby Marvin?

There are a few other loose ends that we forgot to mention earlier, including Robin Sparkles. Be sure to check out more on a possible final chapter to that saga here, and stay tuned; we’ll have much more news to share prior to the season premiere on Monday, September 23.

Photo: CBS

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