‘Teen Wolf’ season 3B spoilers: Boss on futures for Lydia, Peter

What's next? -Following the “Teen Wolf” summer finale last night, we’re sure that you have a whole bevy of questions you want answered. For one, we had the revelation that Peter is declaring himself the top Alpha, and that he may have been a pretty bad guy all along. We also had Scott’s new transformation, and the idea of Lydia as a banshee, capable of some powers that we don’t see for anyone else in the world.

But how is this going to play into the story for what is technically being referred to as “season 3B”? Speaking in a new interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” executive producer Jeff Davis had the following to say on the subject:

“You’ll see her learn how to control it, find out what it means to actually be a banshee and how the scream plays into it. It’s a little bit of X-Men/superhero stuff, but we’re going to keep it grounded within the context of our world.”

Davis also teased that Scott is going to have to deal with the responsibilities that come with his new power, that there would be a time jump of a few weeks between the end of the summer and the winter, and that the premiere will span two episodes, and focus all around Halloween and the famed Devil’s Night before it.

As for Peter, he may be a villain … but don’t expect him to be the villain. There are also some other nefarious foes coming up for our Beacon Hills residents.

Did you catch the first-look preview for the winter season last night? We have it for you here, and fear not; even though these wolves may be going deep into the forest the next few months, we’ll still be around with more news.

Photo: MTV

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