ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3 spoilers: A new casting and a Kerry Washington-centric poster

More scoop -Sometimes, there is more than just one “Scandal” headline to fit into an article, and one of those times just so happens to be now.

We’re going to start things off here with what appears to be a somewhat Story of the Week sort of casting. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Dead Like Me” actress Cynthia Stevenson has landed herself a part on the ABC titan, where she will play the part of a woman who seeks out the help of Olivia Pope & Associates. Sadly, that is it. There are not any other details out there about some of the people that she will be filming with, or just why she would choose to call on Olivia’s help now.

Honestly, it’s somewhat of a surprise that Olivia would be in demand, given that having most of the country possibly hating you for your role in an affair with the President seems to be the sort of thing that makes it hard to do your job. Nonetheless, this story does at least suggest that there will be a certain amount of business as usual for Olivia on this coming season, even with everything else that she has gone through.

The poster -As for the other story, we have the first promotional poster for the upcoming season, which is a not-so subtle reminder that there is nowhere for Kerry Washington’s character to hide. Her forlorn face is front and center here, and it’s a far cry for some of the racier promo footage that ABC used to promote the show last year following its ratings boom. (If you want a closer look, just click on the picture to blow the image up.)

Finally, we’ll close here with a reminder to go watch the video of Kerry singing Disney … it may just be the surprise of your week. Enjoy!

Photo: ABC

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