‘Teen Wolf’ season 3 episode, 12 review: Did Deucalion or the Darach meet their end?

What's next? -All summer long, “Teen Wolf” has been building to one of its most epic conclusions ever, and on Sunday night, we finally got there courtesy of an episode called “Lunar Eclipse” that tried to answer a few simple questions: Could there be light in Beacon Hills again, and could Deucalion or Jennifer (a.k.a. the Darach) be stopped?

The episode was ultimately about more than just the battle involving two characters; it was also a story in determination, good vs. evil, and almost all of those moral battles that you would expect to see. Yet, somehow, executive producer Jeff Davis and the writers did a good job of not just making the lines of morality a little blurred.

When it comes to casualties, the biggest one was seeing the end of Jennifer (seemingly) at the hands of Deucalion, but it was not exactly in the way in which you would imagine. The Darach’s plan to further accumulate power and destroy the loved ones of Scott and others completely fell apart courtesy of Scott managing to break through the barrier. Deucalion had no fear of getting more blood on his hands, and therefore, he was the one to deliver the “Mortal Kombat”-esque finishing move. Yet somehow, she even managed to survive this, and it took a surprise appearance from Peter to put the final nail in the coffin (almost literally).

What you need to know now is that Deucalion is alive, but there is no guarantee that he will stick around Beacon Hills now that he has his sight back. Meanwhile, Derek may just be gone for good. This would be so very sad, no? Almost as sad as that you’re going to have to wait until January to find out.

Overall, what was your take on the “Teen Wolf” finale? If you head over to the link here, you can see some more of our updates, including a trailer that is going to be up for the spring half of the season very soon.

Photo: MTV

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