‘Under the Dome’ season 1, episode 9 review: Jim and Barbie meet a new villain

What's next? -Things have been getting pretty tense on “Under the Dome” and now that most of the big problems are under control (water, food etc.) we are starting to move into the meat of the story.

Big Jim and Maxine: She’s a drug dealer that’s been working with Jim and came to town just before the dome fell because there were some problems Jim was having with Duke nosing around about her drug called rapture. Also the reverend has been mixing up bad batches of their product behind her back. SO what is Jim’s role in rapture? Maxine makes the drug and Jim gives her the “special ingredient” needed to make it (liquid propane).

After a shooting (because of a junkie high on rapture) Jim proposes to the town that all of the guns floating around are voluntarily relinquished to the police until the dome comes down and in return they get extra food and supplies. Why is Jim going after the guns? He’s collecting the for Maxine (disarming everyone), and once they are all collected it is revealed that Barbie and Maxine know each other… very well. She blackmails Barbie and Jim saying she’ll expose their secrets if they doesn’t help her with a little black market activity. Is killing her an option? She claims that if something happens to her she has a fail safe that will expose their secrets anyway. Jim moves the guns to the bomb shelter and junior sees him.

Junior goes to see Angie at Rose’s restaurant and she has a seizure while uttering the show’s catch phrase “pink stars are falling”. When she talks to Joe and Norrie about her seizure, she realizes that what Junior said about the dome making her sick might be true, so she goes to him to find out more. He takes her to his mom’s old art studio where he shows her a painting she did (after a dream) of Junior on a hill with pink stars falling… 9 years ago.

The mini dome has moved, and Norrie and Joe go looking for it and eventually find it in a barn.  Angie reveals that Joe was sleep walking the night before and brought it to the barn as it seems that the dome only wants the chosen people to know where it is (Julia is not one of those people). When Angie, Joe and Norrie all touch the mini dome they realize that their hands are all keys that unlock something bigger, but they are missing the fourth chosen person. could it be Junior?

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Under the Dome?” Leave us a comment and tell us who you think the fourth person will be. If you are looking for more news about “Under the Dome” just click here.

Photo: CBS

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