‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4, episode 11 preview: The newest Lucy Hale scene

A new scene -If there is one thing right now that Lucy Hale’s “Pretty Little Liars” character of Aria Montgomery is not altogether used to at the moment, it is the prospect of being able to actually get things done rather easily. More often than not, almost everything that she does ends up being met with anything from hesitation to violence or suspicion that her life, or the lives of those she loves, could be over.

So for her to actually be able to talk to a boyfriend about a school dance, and then have that same boyfriend go, is actually somewhat of an unusual experience. In the video preview below from Tuesday night’s new episode, you can see her approach Adam and talk to him about the Western-themed affair that we have seen talked about and featured in some other promotional material as of late. When asked if he wants to go, he simply says yes. That’s it. There is no concern that him going along with her is going to get him fired from his job a la Ezra.

For those of you who are very much still on Team Ezria, don’t get too worried based on one sneak peek alone: This story is still far from over. Ezra has an important role in the rest of this summer story arc and in the episodes ahead. It opens the door up for him to be with Aria again if she’s interested, but is she really going to swing her life back in that direction?

If you visit the link here, you can check out some other sneak peeks from this episode that cast the focus more on all of the characters that are involved in the episodes ahead.

Photo: ABC Family

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