‘True Blood’ season 7 debate: Looking to the past for Alexander Skarsgard’s fate

A surprise -On last night’s “True Blood” season 6 finale, there was a moment that clearly made diehard fans of the show everywhere more than a little bit sad: The sight of (spoiler alert!) seemingly having Eric Northman burn himself to death while atop a mountain in Sweden, completely disconnected from the world with a book in hand. As the video below states, he was so disconnected that he did not realize that Warlow was dead, and he suffered the consequences.

But is the character¬†really¬†gone for good? The best way to figure this out is to try and compare this to another key moment from the past: Seeing Tara transformed into a vampire at the start of season 5. Prior to this, there were questions about whether or not she was going to be gone from the show; it didn’t look good, but producers did just enough to make you think that there could be hope for her. They did the same exact thing here by having Pam say that she is going to hunt him down, which for us means that maybe she will swoop in and find a way to save our burnt-up vampire before he completely keels over.

If there was some dispute as to whether or not Eric would return, this is the perfect way to set up the show’s future. If he is dead, he can say that he died as a cause of himself, rather than someone else being responsible for the killing. Meanwhile, if he lives, he now has a sense of gratitude to Pam, and could return to some of his old ways.

By the way, since when is culture so obsessed over Alexander Skarsgard’s junk? The internet has exploded with a just a few seconds of objectification, and if this sort of outreach was happening regarding a female character, it would be thought of as somewhat sexist and gratuitous. Just a thought.

What do you think: Will Eric be back, and will Pam be the one to save him? You can read our full review of the finale at this link, and we’ll have some more news from the show when it becomes available.

Photo: HBO

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