‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Amanda breaks news to Helen

The latest -While Amanda is getting roasted outside of the “Big Brother 15” game and has managed to at times top even Aaryn on the Hate-O-Meter, you have to yet again give her some heavy credit here for one reason and one reason only: She’s playing a game that could actually get her some votes in the jury phase of the game.

While we originally felt based on her behavior that Amanda would not get any love from these people at all, she is at least doing something interesting: Being completely upfront with people. If she doesn’t like you, she is going to tell you all about it. Meanwhile, there’s also a good chance that she is going to tell you if you are going to be sent from the game.

Tonight in the house, Amanda basically told Helen straight-up that she was not going to vote for her to stay in the game, and explained why; that, in the event that Helen won Head of Household, she would likely try to split up her and McCrae. She also used Spencer as proof that Helen did talk about evicting Amanda much earlier in the game. It was a pretty staunch case, and one that even Helen cannot really talk her way out of it.

With that being said, she is still going to do her best to try and stay in the game. Helen is still under the belief that both Elissa and Andy are on her side, and she is pitching hard to McCrae, who is doing the complete opposite of Amanda in trying to hide where his true allegiance lies. This may keep him out of harm’s way for the next few weeks, but he runs the risk of Helen blowing him up on her way out of the door.

What do you think: Should McCrae actually consider flipping to keep Helen, or is he really that much better in the 3am Alliance and being next to Amanda? If you have to read some more news when it comes to “Big Brother 15,” just be sure to click here. As always, we have some more updates from the live feed in the sidebar to the right.

Photo: CBS

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