‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’: Lindsay Lohan comes across as … normal?

Oprah's Next Chapter -Be prepared for quite a major surprise here: For the first time in several years, Lindsay Lohan gave an interview on Sunday night that was, in a few words, rather normal. She came across as reflective, remorseful for some of her mistakes, and ultimately, rather normal considering what she has been through over the years.

Just in the span of this “Oprah’s Next Chapter” interview, we learned that Lindsay was actually willing to admit that she was first of all an addict, and that her vices of choices were alcohol and Adderall above all others. She also admitted to doing other substances, but only occasionally in a party environment. She said that she never previously took rehab seriously because she did not believe that it was something that she really needed, and it was just being given to her to put a band-aid on what was ultimately a wound that was far larger.

But can Lindsay actually keep up her path to the good side, or are all of these promises just statements of false home from someone who does not exactly have the history or the tools to back them up? Given that she was speaking to Oprah Winfrey, it’s also pretty easy to say that she was in front of absolutely the right sort of person to make a good impression in front of. This entire interview was a step in the right direction for Lindsay, especially where she admits that there was probably a part of her that wanted to go to prison just to escape from all of the madness in the world, but the test is going to be in six months to see whether or not she actually keeps up this contrite personality and dedication to her craft.

The good news for Lindsay is that she is already getting opportunities. She had a part recently on HBO’s “Eastbound & Down,” and it could very well be possible that more could be coming up soon.

Photo: OWN

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