‘Big Brother 15’ review: Aaryn makes a big move, Amanda falls to pieces

The latest -With Aaryn in power and her 3 a.m. alliance going strong in the “Big Brother 15” house we have been wondering if she would be bold enough to put Helen on the block and appease her alliance or keep Helen and play both sides. Let’s see what Aaryn’s got up her sleeve this week.

Amanda’s pity party: McCrae threw Amanda the HOH competition and she still blew it. She begins freaking out because she thinks McCrae is putting her down for being so incredibly bad at competitions and blows up at him. The whole thing is ridiculous since Aaryn is in their alliance and isn’t going to put them up anyways.

McCranda get back in the game: After Amanda’s pity party (which included hiding behind a garbage can and crying) she and McCrae start working Aaryn to put up Elissa and Helen making Helen the target, but making everyone think that Elissa is the target. She will tell Helen that she has to put her up because she knows that she will vote to keep Elissa and wants Elissa gone. Will Helen believe the crap that she’s being fed?

Elissa’s game: Helen is trying to get Elissa to go and talk to Aaryn and smooth things over so she doesn’t go on the block, but Elissa just can’t put her morals aside to kiss up to Aaryn. She tells Helen that if she gets eliminated this week that she won’t go to the jury, she wants to just go home and Helen is upset because that’s one vote that she knows she’d have if Elissa goes to jury. Helen is extremely hurt because she would go to jury and vote for Elissa and the rest of the house sees Helen’s pain over what Elissa said. The house as a whole is really upset that she’s so caviler about the game saying that everyone else would do anything to be in the game. Helen is bawling over Elissa being a target for Aaryn, but she doesn’t realize that she’s the real target.

Have/Have Not: The house is divided into green and orange teams where they each go into a black box (where it’s pitch black), look for a key in the dark and unlock the door in the fastest time. so who are the have nots this week? Amanda, GinaMarie, Elissa and Helen.

Elissa kisses up to Aaryn: We never thought we’d see the day where Elissa put her morals aside and kissed Aaryn’s butt, but she totally did (sort of). She goes to talk to Aaryn, but goes off on weird tangents about yoga and her son and really doesn’t  get any work done. Luckily for Elissa, she’s not the target.

Nominations: Even though Helen and Aaryn have a really close bond and she’s been trying to work her magic on Aaryn all weekend, it didn’t work and Aaryn puts up Helen and Elissa with Helen being the target. The only thing that’s going to save Helen now is the veto.

Were you surprised to see Aaryn put Helen on the block or do you think it’s the right move for her game? If Helen comes back on Thursday night with the “returning houseguest twist” do you think she will target Aaryn or Amanda and McCrae? Leave us a comment and tell us how you think Helen will deal with being on the block this week on “Big Brother 15”.

Photo: CBS

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