‘Under the Dome’ episode 9 preview: The pink stars are falling (video)

What's next? -Things on CBS’ “Under the Dome” are about to get very strange, and this is even when you consider the fact that they were already pretty strange to begin with. Monday night’s new episode “The Other Hand” is going to introduce us to a number of new and interesting things, whether it be the presence of a new character in Maxine (played by Natalie Zea), and some mystery revolving just how connected the characters of Big Jim and Barbie really are.

But before we even come to that, let’s just just share what is a pretty creepy sneak peek below from the episode. The contents of this are really pretty simple: Junior comes in to try and talk to Angie, and she proceeds to staunchly defend herself and say that the dome doesn’t have “anything to do” with her.

Then, things start to become truly strange when a good breakfast gets ruined, and she falls to the ground and starts muttering to herself “the pink stars are falling” over and over again while in the throws of a seizure. It’s a pretty freaky sight to see, and even Junior looks to be confused in watching it.

We just hope that as the final episodes of “Under the Dome” air this year, the picture starts to become a little bit clearer for some of these characters and the show as a whole. There has been some plodding the past few weeks, but we suspect that there will be some more exciting situations coming up before this season ends.

Want to watch some more “Under the Dome” videos? Then there is a pretty substantial live chat with Rachelle Leferve that you can check out here! Be sure to check back tomorrow night, as we’ll have a full review up for the episode after it airs.

Photo: CBS

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