‘The Amazing Race Canada’ preview: A quagmire in Quebec

What happened? -When “The Amazing Race Canada” advertised that they were really going to throw some of the teams on a race all across the country, they really weren’t kidding. We have already surprisingly seen the show take their contestants as far north as Yellowknife and parts of the Yukon, and as far west as Vancouver; so for this upcoming leg of the race, they are going to a very different part of the nation in Quebec City.

Now in theory, this could be a place in which doctors Brett & Holly have an advantage. They work in Montreal, and while we don’t know what their French-speaking capabilities are, they at least have lived in the Province and should know the best way to communicate. For the first time all season long, we know that some teams’ inability to speak the local language is going to actually hinder them.

As for some specific things that are going to come up in the episode, many of them are going to be Vanessa & Celina-based. These sisters, who have really lucked out at times this season thanks to everything from equalizers to an Express Pass being handed to them, will face a problem related to crepes, and then may make the dreaded Detour swap at a time when it ends up hurting them even more than it would have to just finish the original task. But to be honest, we think they’ll probably still survive, given that the person in the preview that is the focus is rarely the same person who goes home.

Sadly, we don’t have a video to share from this episode at the moment, but we will be back tomorrow night (as per always) with a full review of the hour.

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Photo: CTV

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