‘America’s Next Top Model: Guys & Girls’: What happens post-elimination

The latest -Thanks to this new social-media component of “America’s Next Top Model,” there is a new little handy twist on the show now where the fans actually play a role in determining who stays in the competition (to sound super-dramatic a la Tyra Banks) … and who goes. In many ways, this is rather annoying given that only a tiny percentage of people actually keep track of the show during filming, and this “Guys & Girls” season filmed so long ago that we barely remember it.

But, we do like the fact that The CW is making the most of having to keep the same models around for the photoshoots week after week, just so that nobody voting for their favorites figures out who is going to be the most-popular model in the competition and the winner before it even airs. They use this to determine who from the eliminated pool has the capacity to come back, and this started following Friday night’s show with Chlea.

So basically, Bryan Boy hosts these videos on the show’s website every week giving you a taste of what happens for these eliminated models as they look forward to the next contestant arriving a little bit later, and the video below features Chlea with a shocked look on her face as the next model comes to join her in what is basically this show’s version of Redemption Island.

While we’re still not completely in love with the idea of people who don’t know modeling actually voting on the best model, we’re happy at least to see changes to the old format … and in the time that this twist has been around, it has at least been effective in this regard.

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Photo: The CW

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