‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Elissa campaigns; OTEV the love beaver

The latest -Before we start with the rest of the news from “Big Brother 15” last night, let’s begin with some more details concerning the Power of Veto Competition that took place last night in the house. As we reported then, it was Elissa who emerged with her second Veto of the season, which she really did not even need to win given that she really wasn’t going anywhere in the first place. The theme for this Veto was OTEV the Love Beaver, and there were questions here that revolved all around love. GinaMarie was upset last night about Nick somehow being slighted in this, just like she is upset over Nick all of the time.

As for some other assorted highlights, there was some booze that was handed out last night, and Andy of course took advantage of the opportunity to become a little drunk and have a little bit of fun in a way that only Andy could. Amanda was clinging with McCrae, and she also told Elissa that Helen was going to be sent home on Thursday night.

Amanda actually did a pretty good job of reassuring her in some ways, at least after saying that she wasn’t going to keep Helen in the game so she would have someone to talk to. She told her that without Helen, she would not be viewed as a threat since she would not have a partner in the game, and she and Andy would work with her (even though this is not entirely the case). The good news for Elissa is that this move will probably give her another few weeks in the game, at least in that GinaMarie (more or less a partner with Aaryn) and Spencer are also in the way for the 3am Alliance, along with whoever returns to the game. If Elissa wins Head of Household next week, she can also use it in order to take Aaryn out from the game.

If you want to read some more news from the “Big Brother 15” live feeds, just be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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