‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: The winner of the Power of Veto, and a Jeff / Jordan video

The latest -Just as we predicted in our last “Big Brother 15” live feed piece, the Power of Veto Competition took place Saturday night at a very convenient time. It was early enough so that the competition would be over prior to “After Dark” starting up on TVGN, but also late enough that some folks on the east coast may have been in bed before it was over.

So was this late start due to the Zingbot needing a cooler climate, or something else entirely? From what we’re hearing now, it sounds like something similar to the classic OTEV competition … so there is no zinging happening at this time. (Bummer.)

When it comes to the winner of the competition, we were interested going in because everyone other than Amanda (the host) and McCrae were taking part in this, and there were plenty of people with incentives to win it. While we’re not sure either Andy or Aaryn wanted this sort of power, the other four players all had major motivations to keep themselves safe.

But in the end … Elissa won the Veto! For her game, this is an enormous achievement; it guarantees that she will be around for another week, but in the process it secures for us a pretty dull week ahead. Spencer will be put up as the replacement nominee to fulfill his role as house pawn, which to us means that Helen will probably figure out that she is the target to leave the game. She’ll at least be happy to know that she can fight to re-enter the game Thursday, but it will take a competition where she will have to beat Judd, Jessie, and Candice to do so. She could still a pull a rabbit out of her hat, though, as stranger things have happened in this game.

As per always, you can check out some more updates from the “Big Brother 15” feed courtesy of heading on over to the link here! Just for fun, we’ve also included Jeff and Jordan’s recent CBS live chat below. We’re not the biggest Jordeff fans out there, but we give Jordan here in particular a round of applause for basically turning this into a video version of a Reddit AMA, pretty much answering everything (including some talk on her relationship) and ragging on the season. At this point, we’d take Jordan back in the house over most of these people.

Photo: CBS

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