‘Game of Thrones’ season 4 notes: Emilia Clarke and behind the scenes stories

The latest -At this point in time, waiting is hardly something that is new to avid fans of “Game of Thrones.” While they may not have Valyrian steel running through their veins, these are nonetheless people who go 42 weeks on average a year without seeing new hour-long installments from the world of Westeros.

The things that we have to discuss today really apply to both past and future seasons, as they provide some insight into how some of the more-technical portions of the show are made. For example, the video below comes from one of the studios that is in charge of the show’s elaborate effects, and it provides some insight into just how some of the more difficult tricks (such as creating large armies or scaling a wall) are pulled off while making them look as though they are some sort of epic sequence on TV. It’s pretty impressive stuff.

Meanwhile, Emilia Clarke recently talked to Deadline about something that she has had to learn how to handle ever since first joining the show: Pretending that she has three dragons at her side. Apparently, there are several different methods depending on the circumstance:

“Whenever I’m separate from the dragons, they have life-scale models, which look brilliant and I get very attached to. But whenever I’m actually handling the dragons themselves, it’s green tennis balls, which is challenging. I find myself having the most ridiculous conversations with myself. “What do dragon scales feel like? And how heavy is a dragon?”

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Photo: HBO

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