‘Whodunnit?’ finale preview: Our picks for the winner, the killer

It's almost here -We’ve previewed the “Whodunnit?” finale, talked about why there should be a second season for the show, and now, there’s really only one thing left to do: Try to predict who is the winner, and also who (imagine Giles’ voice here) is the killer!

As we’re putting in all of our coverage this week, be warned that this article contains heavy speculation via someone with a lot of reality TV experience; so if we happen to be right on anything, don’t blame us for feeling like you’re spoiled.

Our predictions

The winner – Kam. This was a tough choice between him and Cris, who have dominated most of the riddles as of late and seem to have a good finger on the pulse. But the real advantage goes to Kam here based solely on a skill that we saw from him last week. He was able to figure out that ricin was the means for poisoning Ronnie without even seeing the book in the Last Known Whereabouts that Lindsey missed. The guy may understand ricin better than anyone not named Walter White at this point… or maybe he just watches too much “Breaking Bad”.

Kam has changed his mind countless times on who the killer is, but luckily, the identity of this person has hardly been too much of a deal to this point. It’s more about how every given person meets their demise.

The killer – Melina. What? Haven’t we said for weeks that it is Lindsey, and didn’t this past episode make it look like she died? Yes and yes, but being a detective on our own has led to something smelling fishy. ABC’s press release still acts like there are four contestants remaining, even though there are only three in the picture. Our explanation for this is that the killer actually left everyone alive, given that it would look suspicious if someone died other than Melina, who did not have that much information about the case last week save for what she guessed. (But wasn’t Melina awfully shrewd at figuring that out begin with?)

We’re going to miss this delightful summer show, but will you? Take a look back at all of our past articles, and we always enjoy hearing from you below.

Photo: ABC

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