‘So You Think You Can Dance’ rankings: It’s Aaron Turner, Hayley Erbert’s game to lose

The rankings - Now that we’re down to eight dancers left on “So You Think You Can Dance,” and we’re starting to have the best performances of the season, it seems like the perfect time to bring back the contestant rankings. We can say this without being cynical at all: There is really not that big of a disparity between the worst and the best of both sexes, and they all have given memorable, show-stopping dances. (We just wish there were more than three dances left.)

The biggest thing at this point in the competition that we base our rankings on is fan following, given that they are the ones making the decision. However, we do also consider everything from performance quality to the dancer’s personality and room for growth.

The men

4. Fik-Shun – Has delivered strong performances at times, but also has benefited from some voting support by America at others. We imagine that he will land in the bottom this coming week, and while being exceptional for a hip-hop dancer trying out other styles, he will likely be sent packing.

3. Tucker Knox – Going by voting history, he has to be in jeopardy. Tucker blew his dance with Robert Roldan out of the park, though, and we imagine that this will propel him to at least a week of safety. That may have been a game-changing dance for him in this competition, but with an injury still in the rear-view mirror, you also have to worry about that.

2. Paul Karmiryan – Technically, Paul is probably the favorite. He dances almost flawlessly, and despite being a young guy, it’s clear when he moves that he has been doing this a very long time. No one, not even some all-stars, can touch him in his Latin ballroom style.

1. Aaron Turner – We may be somewhat biased given our support for Aaron since the start of the live shows, but he seems to be a sentimental favorite in addition to being a stellar dancer and having the personality to boot. The most impressive thing about him, in addition to never being in the bottom three, is that he has never had the advantage of working in his style.

The women

4. Jenna Johnson – It’s no slight against Jenna, who has done a great job throughout the season. She’s just been in jeopardy more than the other three women combined, and we see there being almost no way that she is saved again.

3. Amy Yakima – She has been the favorite among the women for most of the season, but her recent placement in the bottom a couple of weeks ago suggests that her fan base may not be as huge as we first thought. Her similarities to Hayley could also hurt her.

2. Jasmine Harper – A very strong, fluid dancer that together with Aaron, produced some phenomenal routines throughout the season. She has been in the bottom before, as well, but we can’t imagine her going home this week. She’s just got too strong a body of work behind her.

1. Hayley Erbert – It’s ironic in a way that Hayley is now the favorite, given that she is someone we struggled to distinguish early on. But she has been the recipient of a great deal of praise from the judges, and she also is the only woman to never be in danger of leaving. At the end of the day, voters matter the most.

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