‘MasterChef’ USA season 4 preview: Heights, fears, and a restaurant takeover

What happened? -For one episode a year on “MasterChef,” you get the opportunity to see Chef Gordon Ramsay adopt a little bit of that famous personality that he has shown off time and time again on “Hell’s Kitchen” over the years. This particular episode is coming on Wednesday night, and all thanks to the annual restaurant takeover event.

The promo below gives you an opportunity to see Gordon blowing his lid on a few contestants, as the stress of the event gets the best of them and some customers even choose to walk out of the restaurant after being dissatisfied with their wait (or in an effort to look angry on TV, either way).

Before we even get to that point, though, we see in the promo that Krissi is absolutely terrified of heights, and refused to even get up to the roof where the judges chose to meet the contestants. We will say this: Why in the world did they have to meet there? They’re not cooking on the roof! Plus, we’d be just as terrified to be on a helipad like this where you can see almost all of Los Angeles around you. (Then again, if we were Krissi we would be much more worried about the actual cooking that needs to get done.)

We’ll close here with a little bit of irony that this event is literally happening an hour before Restaurant Wars on “Top Chef Masters,” which basically gives you bookends for the cooking TV spectrum, from hard-working amateurs to the best in the business.

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Photo: Fox

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