‘Downton Abbey’ season 4: Jim Carter on fan experiences, popularity, more

Carson speaks -Jim Carter is a staple of “Downton Abbey,” and in the United Kingdom at this point he has to be getting used somewhat to not really being able to go anywhere without people screaming his name with excitement. But what about elsewhere? This could be somewhat of a challenge for the actor, who has spent four decades in the business and was able to at least obtain some semblance of anonymity depending on where he was within the world.

Speaking in a new interview with the Daily Express, Carter revealed that his Mr. Carson fame has extended all the way to even parts of Asia, and he explained what to him was one of the strangest encounters that he has ever had with people who identify themselves as fans of the show:

“I was in Cambodia and while we were in Angkor Wat, 40 Chinese tourists went by and one stopped and exclaimed, “Oh, Mr Carson”. I was gobsmacked to be recognised in such a remote place.”

Granted, if Carter was at a part of Cambodia that was not one of the most-historic monuments in the world, this probably would not have happened. Sometimes, it really just depends all on where you are.

Carter also talked in the interview about the opportunity he had to visit the White House, just because First Lady Michelle Obama is a major fan of the series:

“When you start on a series like this you have no idea how things will go, so I’m thrilled that it’s captured the hearts and imagination of so many people, especially in America where it’s almost a phenomenon now.

“It was surreal being given a private tour of the White House at 10 o’clock at night because Michelle Obama’s apparently a huge fan.”

There’s still no firm premiere date for “Downton Abbey” season 4 other than “soon,” but you better assume that Carson, as always, is going to have quite a part to play in it.

If you want to read all about some of the new characters showing up on the series this year, we advise you to just take a look at the story here.

Photo: ITV

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