‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Veto players; Aaryn’s Clownie is hanged

The latest -Before we get to the players for the “Big Brother 15” Power of Veto Competition this week, we have to start off with some breaking Clownie news: Someone has attempted to put that dreaded Clownie out of its misery once and for all. Someone decided to hang the terrifying clown in the shower, and when Aaryn discovered it, mass hilarity ensued for the other houseguests as she threatened to make the culprit the replacement nominee. (She’s not serious.) We just hope that if someone finally does evict Aaryn in this game soon, she takes that terrible clown with her.

Now on to the Veto players. In addition to Aaryn and nominees Helen and Elissa, it appears that Spencer, GinaMarie, and Andy were picked to play in the Veto Competition today.

The most interesting choice of the group here is Andy, mostly because he does not want to be in a position where he has to win this competition, and then get the blood on his hands for getting Helen out of the game. His best move can only come if the veto is a competition where no one can really see what he is up to, and he can therefore throw the competition without looking suspicious. If he looks like he is throwing it, that could be bad for him down the road. (Andy has went ahead and told Helen that he may take money if it is offered, given that he could use it.)

Amanda is also the host for the competition, which is something that she apparently wanted in advance. The good news for Aaryn is that Spencer and GinaMarie will probably try at least to a certain degree to win the Veto, given that they are each very well aware that they could be used as pawns, and they want to see one of the nominees go home. We’re guessing it will be a long competition, since the houseguests were woken up early today.

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Photo: CBS

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