NBC’s ‘Hannibal’ season 2 spoilers: Is anyone willing to help Will?

What comes next? -Let’s start with the bad news: “Hannibal” season 2 is a very long time away. Almost like they are sadistic in their own right, NBC is going to continue to keep us waiting. But while you wait, why not take a bite out of the latest scoop for the upcoming episodes? If you’re a fan of Will’s, and it is pretty easy to be given that he is the anti-Hannibal and the only one to truly suspect something nefarious outside of his subconscious, this involves a story that you will be pleading for a happy ending to.

According to E! News, this coming season we are going to be meeting a lawyer with the ever-appropriate name of Leonard Braver, and who will do whatever he can in order to get Will’s name cleared. Whether or not he sees his client as innocent is almost irrelevant; his primary interest is in the high-profile nature of this case, and there is a certain awareness present here that if the case ends up turning out in his favor, it is an enormous boost for his career. In that way, Braver is the same as so many other defense attorneys.

Given that this is “Hannibal,” and characters are either drowning in blood or gloriously-graphic imagery much of the time, we cannot imagine that the case is going to be an easy one. Given that an entire season of Will in prison would be rather dull, we expect there to be some sort of movement during the season, but until that time epect Hugh Dancy to get an opportunity to play a man very much on the brink, and prove to Emmy voters yet again how silly they are for ignoring this great show.

In case you missed it from earlier this summer, be sure to also click here to get some more “Hannibal” season 2 scoop from Dancy at Comic-Con last month.

Photo: NBC

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