‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7 spoilers: How long will Leonard be away?

The latest -Over the sixth season of “The Big Bang Theory,” one of the weaker parts came via Howard’s jaunt in space. It was something that was cool at first, but once we started to hear about schoolyard bullying taking place in zero gravity, we were ready to have our awkward turtle back in California hanging out with his friends.

Well, it looks like for season 7, the writers are not going to be so willing to keep Leonard away from the group for an extended period of time. While there could potentially be some tension between Johnny Galecki’s character and girlfriend Penny over the amount of hard-partying that he does during his time at sea, E! News reports that by the second episode of the season, Leonard is back and spending time with his girl. Therefore, there is not going to be that much of a need to keep them apart for long.

This quick reunion also means some great things for other actors on the show. With Leonard back in town, Penny is going to want to spend more time with him. It also means that there will be another person around to help take care of Sheldon, who will likely be a few steps away from constantly anxiety-related meltdown unless Penny is there at his side with some encouragement and/or some potential versus of his beloved “Soft Kitty.”

“The Big Bang Theory” comes back with a bang on CBS Thursday, September 26 with two episodes as the show looks to get things going strong right away (and also as it looks to assist Robin Williams’ “The Crazy Ones” with a big premiere).

In case you have not read the official news yet about the return of Bob Newhart to the show, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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