‘Whodunnit?’ finale preview: A touch of ‘The Walking Dead’; an interesting tease

The path ahead -Let’s start this “Whodunnit?” article out with a warning: Like the contestants, we are playing a bit of detective here. None of the following should be construed as spoilers, but there are theories … and these sometimes can be correct (unless, of course, they involve a trained monkey).

First of all, take a look at the photo! This is from the finale, and shows how the corpses of some of the “deceased” (which seem to be reanimated as though the killer is a necromancer from the Elder Scrolls) could play a part in determining the end of the case. We personally love this shot of Geno, mostly because it does feature him sporting that rather snazzy Hawaiian shirt that he was killed in a couple of weeks ago.

Ulysses -But while we could go on for some time about the fashion of the deceased much to the chagrin of real crime-solvers (which we could really do with this photo of Ulysses), there are some more pressing matters to deal with.

1. If you click on these photos, you can read the poems that are attached to some of the bodies. If this show gets renewed for season 2 (which we mapped out why it should here), we are personally offering to give the next killer poetry lessons, as it was our degree at university.

2. The synopsis below:

“With only four guests remaining, a final game of speed and memory will determine the winner – as well as The Killer – at Rue Manor. Who takes home a quarter of a million dollars? And who goes home in handcuffs? All is revealed, along with a few surprise guest appearances, on the Season Finale…”

To us, this suggests that whatever happens to Melina, she is not dead, and still a part of the show still in some way. We’ll have our final rankings tomorrow, and while we have suspected Lindsey for weeks now, this does put more suspicion on the last remaining member of the Ronnie alliance.

What do you think about some of this new information? As always, fellow sleuths, be sure to share below!

Photo: ABC

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