‘Bones’ season 9 spoilers: Loose ends for Booth / Brennan and more

What's ahead -For “Bones” season 9, the writers and producers are not only trying to look forward to the future of Booth and Brennan courtesy of their impending nuptials, but they are also trying to take a look into the characters’ past to find some worthy stories to address again. These lovely “loose ends” are the sort of thing that drive many a fan bonkers, especially since they can sit around and debate them for months after a show goes off the air.

Luckily, executive producer Steven Nathan seems to be reasonably willing to throw us a bone and keep some of these discussions from happening. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he suggests that there are many stories that are going to be addressed over the ninth season that will remind viewers of the days of old for the series:

“This season we are going to answer many of the questions that have plagued us and the audience for some time. We’re going to be looking at 4:47, the clock mystery. Perhaps we’re even going to find out what Brennan wrote to Booth when she was buried alive. Lots of character mysteries will be resolved this season.”

Now will these be enough to please just about every hardcore fan out there? Probably not, given that such a task seems impossible. But they at least suggest that the writers are paying attention to the things that fans are interesting in seeing tied up before the show goes off of the air, though they have also said that there are no present intentions to have season 9 be the end.

Be sure to check out some notable “Bones” episode titles here if you haven’t already, and as always, we’ll be back soon with some more news.

Photo: Fox

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